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Enjoy Free shipping and $100 off orders $2000+: Use code "HOME100"

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max + DELTA 2 Max Extra Battery

by EcoFlow
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"Ditch Gas, Go Solar With The New EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max" - A Clean And Quiet Replacement For Gas Generators

Now Available With DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery - Double Or Triple The Runtime Of Your DELTA 2 Max With This Smart Extra Battery!

EcoFlow Delta 2 Max Features

  • Fume-free, Quiet, Zero Maintenance

  • World's Fastest Recharging Methods

  • Power up to 99% of Appliances

  • Lightest 2400W LFP Solar Generator on the Market

  • LFP Battery: 3000 cycles, 6× more than the industry average. Use every day for 10 years

  • Large Expandable Capacity from 2048Wh to 6144Wh

  • Plug and play home backup power

  • Quiet Recharging

  • Customized In-app Energy Management

  • Ultra-Fast Home Backup Switchover Speed

  • Multiple Levels of Protection for Safety and Reliability

  • Compatible with EcoFlow Ecosystem Products

  • Power Through Extended Blackouts

  • 5-Year Warranty

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery Features

  • Convenient recharging DELTA 2 Max and its Extra Battery charge and discharge in unison. Whether you’re recharging DELTA 2 Max from solar panels, AC outlets, a vehicle, or our Smart Generator, the DELTA 2 Max Extra Battery will recharge alongside.

  • Independent in emergencies The extra battery even recharges directly from EcoFlow’s Smart Generator without DELTA 2 Max. That’s more recharging options to fit any situation.

  • LCD screen Get all the info on battery percent, time until full, time until empty, and more on the DELTA 2 Max Extra Battery LCD screen. Check the battery’s status anywhere on the EcoFlow app.

What's In The Box

  • DELTA 2 Max

  • AC Charging Cable

  • Car Charging Cable

  • DC5521 to DC5525 Cable

  • User manual & warranty card

  • DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery

  • DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery Cable


No fumes, No noise, No maintenance.

  • Fume-free: since power stations don't burn fuel, they don't produce emissions or fumes, making them a clean and eco-friendly alternative to gas generators.

  • Quiet: without internal noisy combustion engines, DELTA 2 Max is extremely quiet, even when charging.

  • Maintenance-free: There's no fuel to refill, no filters or fluids to change or mechanical parts that need constant maintenance.

World’s Fastest Recharging Methods

  • Industry's Fastest AC Recharging: Get an input of up to 1800W with X-Stream technology. Charge 0-80% in 68 min (1.1 hour)

  • Industry's Fastest AC + Solar Recharging: Charge to 80% in 43 min. Fully charge in about 1 hour.

  • Harness Clean Solar Energy For Fast Charging:

  • Fully charge with up to 1000W solar input in only 2.3 hours.

Power 99% of Essentials Industry-leading X-Boost Technology

A 2400W output powers up to 15 devices at once. Run some appliances with up to 3400W using X-Boost mode. That means during a power outage or blackout, you can continue to run your fridge, microwave, dryer, and more. Ideal power generator for backup power.

LFP Battery: 3000 cycles, 6× more than the industry average, for up to 10 years of everyday use

  • Premium LFP cells for long-lasting battery life. Using the same chemical makeup as Tesla batteries, DELTA 2 Max gives you 3000 complete cycles till it's down to 80% capacity. That's 6× more than the industry average of 500.

  • 10 years of everyday use. If used once a day, it can be safely used for about 10 years.

  • Advanced BMS protection. Self-regulates voltage, current, and temperature. Charge safely with comprehensive protection.

  • Safe and stable for high performance even in warm temperatures.

Customized In-app Energy Management

  • Save more on electricity bills: Prioritize the use of solar energy via the EcoFlow app when using AC + solar dual charging. Starts and ends at any time you want to save energy bills by avoiding peak rates.

  • Experience peace of mind during power outages AC Always On Mode: power button stays on, even during a power outage or after the grid power is back, keeping appliances powered. Adjust energy sources to fit your needs: backup power reserve or energy savings.

  • Lower battery power reminder: Get a notification via the app when the battery hits a low.

Ultra-fast home backup switchover - <30ms EPS auto-switch

When a blackout occurs, the power station automatically switches to the battery supply mode in less than 30ms. It ensures a constant power supply to your devices.

Multiple levels of protection for safe and reliable use

  • Made from safe, robust materials and a sturdy one-piece design. It can withstand severe knocks and falls. Each port is reinforced to be resistant to wear and tear.

  • The modular electronic components fit together seamlessly and can be easily removed from the unit for maintenance. All wires are copper-plated and polymer-wrapped for enhanced cooling, safety, and strength.

  • Rubber anti-slip base.

  • A shell of the highest fire-resistant rating, 5VA. Comes with a strengthened handle.

  • The EcoFlow service team provides a 5 year warranty. Experience absolute peace of mind.

Compatible with EcoFlow ecosystem products

DELTA 2 Max is compatible with EcoFlow’s product ecosystem, providing a one-stop power solution for users. With the most comprehensive product ecosystem in the industry, power a new world using DELTA 2 Max, Extra Batteries, Portable Solar Panels, WAVE and WAVE 2 Portable Air Conditioners, Smart Generator and so much more…



Product Name EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max
Capacity Expandable from 2048Wh to 6144Wh
AC Input US X-Stream 1800W, 15A
Solar Input 1000W Max, 11V-60V, 15A ; 500W per port
AC Output (×6) US 2400W (Surge 4800W), X-Boost 3400W
120V~ 50/60Hz
DC Output 2×USB-A / 2×USB-A Fast Charging / 2×USB-C (100W) / 1×Car Power Outlet / 2×DC5521
Battery LFP chemistry, 3000 cycles to >80% capacity
Connection Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Version 100-120V: US, JP
220-240V: EU, CN, Intl, UK, AU, KR
Dimensions 497×242×305 mm (19.6×9.5×12 in)
Weight 23 kg (50 lb)
Product Name EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max Smart Extra Battery
Weight Approximately 19 kg (42 lb)
Dimensions 464×235×283 mm (18×9×11 in.)
Capacity 2,048Wh
Extra Battery Port Input 51.2V 2,000W Max (X-Stream and solar dual charging)
Extra Battery Port Output 51.2V 3,200W Max
Battery Type LFP
Cycle Life 3,000 cycles to 80% + capacity
Protection Type Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection
Optimal Operating Temperature 20°C–30°C (68°F–86°F)
Discharging Temperature -10°C–45℃ (14°F–113°F)
Charging Temperature 0°C–45°C (32°F–131°F)
Storage Temperature -10℃–45℃ (14°F–113°F) (Optimal: 20°C–30°C (68°F –86°F))


Users Manual & Guide

✓EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max User Manual

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